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Individual/Partner or Group Training

Train by yourself or with a friend.  If you would like to train with a friend, LHfit offers a rate that is discounted for the individuals. Save money and have fun at the same time. Having a friend by your side to encourage you is one of the best ways to get the most out of your workouts.



1 person


2 People per session

$100, $50 each

3 People per session

$120.00, $40 each

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Check out Nutrition page for Nutritional Therapy packages!

Goal Achievement Plan  (4 month commitment)
This is a great option for people seeking weight loss or specific fitness goals. Consistency and duration are key on your journey to living a healthy and fit lifestyle. The longer commitment can help you gain more knowledge, confidence, and increase your fitness level.  Make a commitment and save on your per session rate! All contracts are 4 month minimum commitment. You are more than welcome to continue longer! Most all clients that complete this program continue their healthier lifestyle.




Goal 1: 2 x per wk ($80 per session)


Goal 2: 3x per wk ($75 per session)


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Know someone who might be interested in training. Tell them about us now! Share us on Facebook and refer a friend to recieve a free session. 

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