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Nutritional Therapy

Have you hit a plateau in your weight loss and need some professional assistance to get you motivated and on track? Or perhaps you are unsure of what holistic nutritional program best suits you. Then, Nutritional

consulting will provide the assistance you are looking for.  By signing up for 5 Nutritional Therapy sessions you will receive all the proper tools and guidance to establish an ideal plan.  The sessions will outline macronutrient concepts and how to implement them correctly into your program. Food journaling will be addressed during the sessions to better understand questions or concerns you might have.  Balanced nutrition is key in the wellness approach, so get started today with a professional!


*5 one-on- one Nutritional Therapy sessions for $325.

*5 online Nutritional Therapy sessions for $290.

Both packages must be used within a two month time frame of the initial purchase. Please note the one-on- one sessions are allotted a 1-hour time frame and there is a 24-hour cancellation policy.

Nutritional therapy sessions with Bonnie! Check out my bio on the trainer page!

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